Install The RentMy WordPress Plugin

November 25th, 2019 by


The RentMy Rental/Booking Plugin brings real-time inventory booking and management to life on your WordPress site, simply and professionally.  Suitable for practically anything that can be rented or sold, RentMy makes turning your vision into reality simple and reliable thanks to our actively managed and updated system.

Offering tons of shortcodes and other controllers, you can feature rental inventory any way you like, all with the comfort that the RentMy platform will keep track of equipment, prevent overbooking, charging rental and other fees per your specifications and more.  Best of all, RentMy offers friendly support to answer your questions.

Install the plugin and setup your online store in under an hour.  


  1. Get your free trial RentMy account at
  2. Click on Apps & Integrations > Rentmy Apps menu item

3.  Click on Create App button

4.  Input an App name (Must be unique in your store)

5.  Input domain name for the location of your WordPress install

6.  Click “Add App” to generate your unique API keys

7. Find the new app with your API keys in the App List

8. Log into your WordPress Admin panel

9. Navigate to Add new plugin

10. Search for “RentMy Real-Time Rental Management Plugin” 

11. Install and activate the plugin

12. Navigate to RentMy tab on the main menu

13. Copy and paste the Store UID and API keys into the RentMy plugin settings


Note: If using WordPress Engine, you must enable cookies from RentMy to permit products to be added to cart in order to complete the rental order.

The plugin automatically creates five (5) pages and three (3) widgets for use throughout your site.  

  1. Pages
    1. RentMy Products List – Access this page to see all of your active products, or, filter your products with category or tag options.
    2. RentMy Product Details – Show product details of the selected product
    3. RentMy Package Details – Show package details of selected package
    4. RentMy Cart – View and edit cart items
    5. RentMy Checkout – Provide complete checkout experience
  2. Widgets
    1. RentMy Category List – List all categories created in your RentMy account
    2. RentMy Filter List – Display products based on filter/tag settings
    3. RentMy Search – Scan your inventory to find and display products by using keywords, product names and more
  3. Shortcodes
    1. Optionally, use these shortcodes to display and sort products in different ways.
    2. All products: [rentmy-products-list]
    3. Products by category: [rentmy-products-list type=category id=1815] (where “category id” is the ID assigned in your RentMy account)
    4. Products by tag(s):
      1. [rentmy-products-list type=tag id=613] (where “tag id” is the ID assigned in your RentMy account)
      2. [rentmy-products-list type=tag id=613,614]
    5. Sorted Product list: 
      1. [rentmy-products-list type=category id=1815 sort_type=ASC sort=buy_price]
      2. [rentmy-products-list type=category id=1815 sort_type=DESC sort=rent_price]
      3. [rentmy-products-list type=category id=1815 sort_type=DESC sort=created]
      4. [rentmy-products-list type=category id=1815 sort_type=ASC sort=name]