Advanced Website Design Features

September 20th, 2023 by

Do more with your RentMy eCommerce website!

Update Business Name

September 11th, 2023 by

Update your rental company name in RentMy.

Apply CSS to Hide Rental Selection Dates

September 28th, 2022 by

Clients who wish to remove rental dates from the booking experience can apply the following code to their account: .p-details-datetimerange {     display: none; } .cart-datepicker {     display: none; } .orderdetails-datepicker {     display: none; } .rm-rental-startdate {     display: none; } To apply the CSS, visit Website Settings > […]

Set The Display Order Of Products

May 4th, 2022 by

To update the order (sequence) in which your products are displayed on your website, follow these steps: Step 1. Visit the Inventory > List menu and choose a product by clicking on the product’s name Step 2. The default first tab is the Description tab. On this tab, update the Sequence No. field with the […]

Change Website Fonts & Style

May 4th, 2022 by

RentMy offers the option to modify the default font to meet your style/brand guidelines. Follow these simple steps to update your RentMy website: Step 1. Visit and locate the desired font for your site Step 2. Click the “Select This Style” dropdown button Step 3. Click the Import option Step 4. Copy the import […]

Locations Navigation URL

May 4th, 2022 by

If your business has multiple locations, you can set up navigation on social media or your existing website using the following link structure: <yoursubdomain> where the “location_id” is displayed in the Business Settings > Locations menu:

Manage Navigation Menus

February 4th, 2022 by

Providing an easy way for your customers to find your products is essential to booking the order. RentMy makes adding and managing navigation links in your account simple. Visit the Website Settings > Design > Menus page to get started. Header Links To create top-level (parent) links, click the Add Menu Items button. Choose the […]

Add A Hosted Subdomain to your Website

November 23rd, 2021 by

Creating a subdomain to your website will create a natural and seamless rental experience to your website, regardless of the website builder/CMS you have used. Adding a subdomain (like or allows you to elegantly embed the responsive eCommerce ordering experience to your website while retaining users on your domain. Below are the instructions […]

Set Custom Prices For Days Of The Week

August 5th, 2021 by

If you charge different prices for rental items based on the day of the week the rental is scheduled, you can use the RentMy price adjustment feature. The price adjustment feature permits you to establish unique pricing for days of the week by modifying the “regular” price of the product. For example, if an item […]

Send Receipts & Reminders From Your Email Domain

February 1st, 2021 by

Clients of eligible plans can provide the experience you want for your customers by connecting your email provider to RentMy. With just a few bits of information, all receipts, quotes, reminders and more can come from your preferred email address. Here is how to make the connection: Gmail From your RentMy Admin panel, navigate to […]