Track Marketing For Your Rental Business With Online Coupons

February 6th, 2019 by

Track Marketing For Your Rental Business With Online Coupons

Coupons are used for more than just offering discounts. They’re great for tracking how effective your marketing is. With RentMy, you can track marketing for your rental business with online coupons. For the cost of just a few dollars, you can get tons of great information about where your customers are coming from.

With your RentMy account, you can create coupons associated with each of your marketing plans and learn in an instant what’s working and what is not. Some example of useful coupons are those that you promote in your ads. Create coupons called “radio”, “newspaper”, “Facebook” and more. For each coupon, set rules about how it can be used, like:

  • the number of customers who can use the discount
  • when the code is available (such as “only available during the week”)
  • order value limits (only available for orders more than $100, for example)

The values you offer don’t matter; simply add any value to get more information about your business.

RentMy Coupons - The Best Thing You Can Do

The best thing is that you can create and accept as many coupons using RentMy’s online rental software as you want, and you don’t have to pay someone to manage them for you. Just like everything else with RentMy’s online rental software, you are in complete control.

Like any marketing tactic, creating compelling offers/features is only part of the battle.  You have to promote them where your customers will see them.  That’s where social media can really start to help you grow your online rental business.  Offering the coupons you create on your Facebook page, in Twitter, in email newsletters and even on Pinterest will help you better understand where you should spend your marketing time and budget.

RentMy’s online rental software tools and features can help you grow your rental business by finding and attracting new online customers.  We’re here to help if you need help getting started!