Set Custom Prices For Days Of The Week

August 5th, 2021 by

If you charge different prices for rental items based on the day of the week the rental is scheduled, you can use the RentMy price adjustment feature.

The price adjustment feature permits you to establish unique pricing for days of the week by modifying the "regular" price of the product. For example, if an item normally rents for $100 per day, but the price increases to $150 for Saturday rentals, the price adjustment feature will automatically charge the additional amount for rentals that include a Saturday during the rental period.

This function allows you to establish an increased or decreased price for a product by the day of the week. You may establish a price adjustment for hourly or daily rentals, and the price adjustment may be a "fixed" amount or a percentage amount (i.e., add $20 to the rental price, or add 10% to the rental price).

Accounts with this feature enabled will find the Price Adjustment controller on the "Standard" rental pricing controller.

In this example, the standard price for the item is $200 per day. Using the price adjustment feature, the item will be priced at $25 more for rentals on Saturdays. You may also enter a negative value (for example, -5) if you would like to offer a discount on particular day(s) of the week. Once you have selected the day(s) the pricing should be adjusted and the amount to be adjusted, click the Submit button to save your settings.

Here's a video further detailing how to configure the price adjustment feature for your products.