RentMy rental software works with your favorite apps

October 30th, 2019 by

RentMy software works with top brand apps

RentMy makes great rental software! We work seamlessly with your favorite apps to provide a great experience to your business and your customers! We partner with some of the top brands to deliver a best-in-class system for your business. No matter how you operate, RentMy has the available connections to keep your business humming. We use a simple integration to all kinds of specific-use software.  Our extensive list of partners continues to grow! We add more options to RentMy clients daily. RentMy software works with apps so you don't have to do the background work!

Payment Applications

RentMy makes accepting payments and growing revenue super easy with our ever-increasing payment processor & credit card machine options.  Simply choose your provider, connect your account, and payments will sail through (untouched by RentMy, by the way) directly to your bank account.  You can use your preferred processor for every transaction in every channel.

Accounting Applications

Keeping track of revenues, customers and expenses is an essential part of managing and growing your company.  That's why RentMy makes connecting to QuickBooks accounting software a snap.  When you subscribe to an eligible plan, you can connect your RentMy account to QuickBooks Online. This allows for direct importing of all transactions with a single click.  And, because RentMy offers an extensive library of business management reports you can slice and dice your activity a million different ways. PS - these are exportable to CSV/Microsoft Excel.

Shipping Applications

Grow your potential customer base by offering roundtrip drop shipments of your rental inventory.  In no time you can add USPS, UPS and/orFedEx shipping options to RentMy account, effectively opening your market to the entire world! RentMy offers an integration to ShipEngine, which allows you to connect your shipper account for real-time shipping charges calculation and shipping & return label printing and tracking.  Because RentMy offers customizable lead/lag time settings, you can ship with ease and never worry about overbooking your inventory.

Delivery Applications

Who's the expert in turn-by-turn directions and distance measurement? Of course it's Google Maps.  That's why we use the Google API to calculate delivery distances so that you can charge exactly what you want when making local deliveries to your customers.  Simply add your "deliver from" address into RentMy. When your customer selects a delivery option, RentMy will charge based on your specific settings to charge what you're owed every time. RentMy software works with apps so you don't have to do the background work! We keep making RentMy better by adding new options to work for your rental business.  Be sure to follow RentMy on social media to be the first to hear about our upcoming integrations! New to RentMy? We are an E-Commerce website, POS & rental software for businesses & clubs committed to growing their operations. Whether you are a local rental companies or an e-commerce powerhouse. RentMy delivers the tools you need to manage & grow your business. Get started for FREE today - Click Here.