RentMy – A Cinch To Switch!

February 6th, 2019 by

RentMy - Rental Management Software - A Cinch To Switch!

RentMy knows the concern our clients have about switching to RentMy’s online booking platform. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make becoming a RentMy client as easy as possible. RentMy -  Rental Management Software - A Cinch To Switch! In just a few simple steps, you can quickly add your inventory, customer records and publish your online rental store.

In about 5 minutes, you can activate your full e-commerce rental business. It will allow your customers to browse your inventory, check pricing and book online from their device. Plus, if you don't have the time or expertise, we can help you get started today.

Here’s a quick preview:

Imagine seeing all pending rentals with a tap on your phone. Or changing pricing and availability with 2 clicks. Or offering a mobile optimized rental experience for your customers without any extra fees or set-up.

RentMy was built by industry professionals who understand what you need. Starting is free! And you can cancel any time. Who else let's you do that? Have you ever wondered whether online rental bookings can actually help your business? Now is your chance to find out with no obligation and no hassle. agents are here to help with any questions you have.

RentMy - Automated Help For Your Rental Business

Managing inventory, preventing double-bookings, and charging customers the right amount every time is a must for any rental software company.  For many providers, these features is where the value stops. We realize that to be truly valuable to you, our clients, we must help automate and improve other aspects of our clients’ business.  

Since it’s founding, RentMy has provided extremely valuable marketing tools to help the small- to mid-sized local rental companies. We’ve included them in every plan we offer.  As a RentMy client, our #1 objective is to make your business successful.  Because we’re fortunate to serve so many businesses in local economies across the country. We can provide features & functions that individual companies simply couldn’t cost-justify.  When determining the features we offer to clients, a prospective feature must help our clients in at least one of the following areas. Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

RentMy Sales

As a partner in helping rental clients grow, we offer industry-leading tools to help clients standout. You will standout in search-engine results and also improve the in-store experience:

  • Online & Point-of-Sale – RentMy helps customers self-serve with easy online ordering. It also does point-of-sale and inventory management feature gives you control in one easy-to-use experience.
  • Mobile-friendly – RentMy makes browsing and renting your inventory a snap.  Only RentMy includes a mobile-friendly experience for no additional cost.
  • Social-media connection – RentMy online rental software clients have the unique ability to promote individual items. This reaches their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and similar social media accounts.  With one click, your customers can go from your Facebook page directly to your RentMy shopping cart. Because of this, it improves conversion and helps your customer check-out (rent) their preferred item in a hurry.


  • Integrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – RentMy clients are in control of the online personality of their business.  Only RentMy provides simple input fields where you can add valuable content (like an About Us page, keyword inputs, etc.).
  • Automated quotes and receipts – When you’re easy to do business with, people tell their friends. In other words, RentMy knows the big pain points for customers are phone-tag and quote forms.  Thanks to RentMy’s online tools, your customers can shop and reserve items 24/7. They can also get an automated quote without ever having to make a phone call.  When they complete their order online, they will receive an automated receipt. It will be branded with your business name, phone, email, address and logo.
  • Re-marketing  – What if you could rent to a customer who didn’t complete their order with you?  Only RentMy provides a powerful “cart abandon” contact tool. It contacts customers who didn’t buy with special offers or simply a personal invitation to come back to your store.

Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)

  • Customer database – every customer who rents from you is added to your customer database. This makes re-orders faster and also allows you to create custom marketing programs.  Only RentMy adds this feature, which will help you grow your sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Text (SMS) rental reminders – Do you call your customers before their rental starts? How much time (money) do you spend on this effort?  RentMy includes free SMS text message reminders for your customers.  Now, your customers will get an (optional) text reminder of their rental.  This feature improves customer satisfaction. It also reduces cancellations/forgotten rentals, and it also adds hours of productivity back to your business.


Hey there... We need to mention one more thing before you go. Did you know that not only do we offer the platform, but we also have a Wordpress plugin to integrate into your existing site! Click here to download today. Are you new to RentMy? We are an e-Commerce website, POS and rental software for businesses and clubs. Whether you are a local rental company or an e-commerce powerhouse, RentMy delivers the tools you need to manage & grow your business. Click here to sign up for free today!