RentMy – Creating Product Variants & Options

September 30th, 2019 by

RentMy - Creating Product Variants & Options

RentMy - Creating Product Variants & Options - This will demonstrate how you can use RentMy to organize your inventory by product variant or options. Utilizing these tools are beneficial for your clients. It shows them the various options available to them. More options at their fingertips, equals more sales! 

Step 1: How to create a product in the Manage Inventory screen.  Partially down the page you will see an option to add variants.  For example, you can add variants for shape and color to a product.

Step 2:  Create a new variant category, for example, called “shape”. For products with multiple options, click “Add More” and repeat the process.

Next Step 3: Complete the detail on the initial screen and click “Submit”.

Step 4: Find the product in the Manage Inventory screen and click on the name of the product to add more detail.

Next Step 5: From the Variants tab,  click the drop-down menu to add Variant options, for example, shapes and colors.

Step 6: Save product variant options and then edit those options to reflect the quantity available for each combination.

Step 7: Visit the pricing tab to add prices for all combinations or add prices individually.

Your products may now be featured on your point-of-sale system and website offering your customers different selections for product variants

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