Manage Navigation Menus

February 4th, 2022 by

Providing an easy way for your customers to find your products is essential to booking the order. RentMy makes adding and managing navigation links in your account simple.

Visit the Website Settings > Design > Menus page to get started.

Header Links

To create top-level (parent) links, click the Add Menu Items button.

Choose the type of navigation link you would like to add (Header or Footer).

Type the text of the link as you would like for it to appear on your website.

You may direct the link to one of several choices:

Tag: Tags are added to a product in the Add Product or Edit Product page in the Inventory menu. Tags are used to group products (like "On Sale Now!" or "Great Gift Ideas"). The tags can be updated as desired. When you point the menu link to a Tag, RentMy displays only products that have that Tag attached to the product.

Category: Categories provide top-level grouping of products. If you offer products of a similar type or style, you may add them to a Category to create a collection of items. Examples of Categories may be "Mens Styles", "Tables & Chairs", "High Definition Cameras", etc.).

Product: The Product selection permits you to send the Customer directly to a single product for immediate rental/purchase. Clients who use the "Product" selection want to provide Customers with an immediate path for adding the item to a cart (so, no shopping around).

Page: Page links are typically used to provide the customer with more information about your business. You can create pages like "About Us" or "Our Rental Terms" to provide Customers with details about your company.

External: Use the External option to enter the URL of a page not within your RentMy website. Clients who use External sites may send users to the latest weather forecast, a review of the product on a manufacturer's website, etc. Using this option will open another tab in the user's browser.

Populate the fields as you like and click the "Submit" button to save your menu.

Child Menus

To add a sub-menu (i.e, a "Child" menu) to a top-level menu (i.e., a "Header" or "Parent" menu), follow the steps above, with one exception: Select the "Parent" menu you want to add the "Child" to.

In this example, we have created a Child menu called "Most Popular" that directs Customers to the "Mics" product category. By selecting the Parent "Catalog", the "Mics" menu will be available from the Catalog menu.

Customer display

Footer Links

The process for adding links to the footer of your website follow the same steps as outlined above.