RentMy – Edit Orders To Add Notes, Products, Charges, and More

September 30th, 2019 by

 RentMy - Edit Orders To Add Notes, Products, Charges, and More

Many times you may need to edit an existing order to change the rental period, to add new products or charges, and to collect late fees or other ancillary fees. With RentMy - edit orders to add notes, products, charges, and more. 

Complete this in a few simple steps. Follow the directions below to edit and order in RentMy. 

Step 1: Locate the order visit the reservation screen 

Next Step 2: Click the edit button in the right hand column of the screen

Step 3: Add products or new charges and fees as desired.  Click the “add charge” button to create a label and a price and click Submit

Next Step 4: The new charge now appears on the order

Step 5: To collect the balance for the new product or fee, visit the payment screen.

You can collect payment via cash or credit card.   You have the option to charge a new card or to charge the card used for the initial.

Next Step 6: Enter the amount due and then click Submit. The confirmation message indicates that the payment was accepted.

Step 7: Click the “view details” icon to see the history of payments as well as the indicator that a zero balance is now due.

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