Send Receipts & Reminders From Your Email Domain

February 1st, 2021 by

Clients of eligible plans can provide the experience you want for your customers by connecting your email provider to RentMy. With just a few bits of information, all receipts, quotes, reminders and more can come from your preferred email address.

Here is how to make the connection:

From your RentMy Admin panel, navigate to the Business Settings > Business Info > Sender Email:

If you don't see the "Sender Email" link, feel free to chat with a RentMy Expert to check your account eligibility.

If using Google, use these settings: 

     'host' => ssl://
     'port' => 465
     'TLS'  => false

Next, visit your Google security settings and choose to permit "Less Secure" option.

NOTE: For some Gmail accounts, you may need to search for Less Secure Apps in the search bar to find the appropriate screen.

Once you turn that to “yes”, you will be able to send receipts, reminders, quotes, and other documents under your domain.