RentMy Online Party & Event Rental Software

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RentMy Online Party & Event Rental Software

Make The Smart Choice The First Time

RentMy Online Party & Event Rental Software – Make the smart choice the first time. Are you new to RentMy? Check out our capabilities today! Deciding on the best online rental software for your rental business requires many considerations.  The obvious considerations include cost, mobile-friendly capabilities, ease of management and access to information.  But what about considering how easy it is for you to manage your business and how easy it is for your customers to get through the rental process?  This important (but frequently overlooked) consideration is critical to selecting the best solution for your party rental business. has made it their mission to optimize the experience for both rental companies and their customers.

It starts with you, the rental business operator.  RentMy’s “onboarding” experience is short & intuitive, so that in less than 3 minutes, you can have your rental store online and ready to accept real-time reservations from your customers.  As with most great enterprise-grade software, there is the option to spend more time further personalizing the experience for you and your customers.  Not every business will want to invest the time right away, but it’s always an option.

RentMy  - Online Rental Transactions

The next consideration is the ease of completing the transaction for your customers.  Some rental software on the market is difficult for the rental business and the customer to use.   There seems to be intentional “roadblocks” to completing the rental.  Why should your customer have a date in mind before they can see your inventory?  Wouldn’t it be better to showcase your entire inventory instead of denying your customer the option to browse?’s approach provides complete transparency to rental operators’ customers.  RentMy also believes that requiring customers to choose from your delivery areas before they can book a rental is better for everyone – better for you, the operator, as it puts you in control of pricing and route optimization, and better for your customer (so there is no confusion or having to have awkward pricing discussions).  RentMy makes the delivery process painless and fully transparent (including pricing) to your customers. has combined steps where ever possible and eliminated unnecessary screens to get your customer through checkout quickly.  RentMy is committed to optimizing the renting experience (both on desktop and on mobile) for your customers, and the result is more sales, happier customers, and less work for you and your team.

When you’re ready to make the move to online party rental software, be sure to consider all facets of the experience – your customers will thank you! 

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