RentMy – E-Commerce Rental Management Software – FAQs

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RentMy - E-Commerce Rental Management Software - FAQs

RentMy - E-Commerce Rental Management Software - FAQs. Everyone needs a little help now and then, but do you need an answer in a hurry? Below you will find the RentMy FAQs and questions we're asked most often.  If your question isn't listed below, or if you need more support, please contact our chat agents. Because we are here for quick, friendly help.

Q. What's the difference between a "product" and an "asset" for inventory management purposes?

A. RentMy offers two ways to track your inventory.  You can track items availability by "quantity" and by "assets". Tracking an item by quantity is typically used for "bulk" items, where a detailed order history is not needed.  RentMy will confirm that sufficient quantity is availability to fulfill the rental, and a specific order needn't be assigned to an order. Tracking an item by "asset" or "track individually" will also check quantity availability prior to permitting a rental booking, but will allow you to "assign" specific products to an order.  Asset tracking is typically used with products of high value or for which you require a detailed history of the asset's rental history.

Q.  How do I enable checking out on my own domain?

A.  When subscribing to a qualifying plan and using the RentMy plugin, set up a subdomain on your website (like Then point that subdomain to  Once you create your subdomain, then contact RentMy via chat or email to advise of the L subdomain to associate to your online store.

Q. What's the difference between tracking by quantity and tracking by individual item?

A. Select to track a product by quantity. RentMy keeps track of the number of available items (this option is better for low cost or "bulk" items) where the history of a specific product isn’t extremely important. When you track by individual product, it requires you to establish “asset” identifiers for each product.This is very useful for expensive items where you want to know the complete history of an item. RentMy will allow you to rent from the available inventory. At the time you provide the item to a customer, you can assign a particular asset to the rental contract.

Q.  How can I see my online store?

A. To see your online store, click the logo in the top-left corner of your dashboard.

Q.  How do I set up sales tax?

A. To set tax rates for sales and rentals, visit the Business Settings > Sales Tax menu.  Click here for a "How To" video explaining how to configure taxes for your account.

Q.  Where are the currency options?

A. Currency controls are located in the Settings > Store Content > Extras tab.