Placing and Managing Rental Orders

November 5th, 2020 by

RentMy makes it easy to place, manage, fulfill and return rental orders, ensuring that your inventory levels are always up-to-the-second accurate.

View this brief video for a narrated explanation of the process.
Create, manage and fulfill rental orders

Here are the steps to creating & fulfilling orders:

  1. To create an order (as an admin), visit the Orders page and click the "Create Order" button
  2. Add products proceed to checkout
  3. Once the order is completed, you can find it in the Orders list screen. You may (optionally) update the order status to inform your customers or keep your staff up-to-date.
Optionally update order status

4. When the rental is ready for customer pick-up (or delivery/shipping), click the "Pickup" button. This will allow you to review items on the order and assign specific assets (if appropriate).

5. Choose the "Process Order" button to advance the order status to "With Customer"

6. The order status will update to reflect the status you selected.

7. When the order is returned, click the "Return" button from the Orders > Reservations screen.

8. Here you can view the products being returned, check-in assets assigned to the order and/or add extra fees due on the order.

Once returned, the order is completed, inventory is returned to availability and ready for your next customer.

Keep in mind that all orders have a complete transaction log, so you can always view the distinct steps of the order, from creation to return.