Connecting Pax Credit Card Terminal To Your Account For In-Person Payments

February 22nd, 2021 by

RentMy Payments supports in-person/card-present payments with our integration of Pax credit card terminals.

Configuring the Pax Device:

1. Connect your device to power (the power cable connects to the cable attached to the device.  Power on your Pax device.

2. Connect a LAN (ethernet) cable to the internet router and the Pax device (the red port  connector labeled “LAN”).

3. Once the device powers on, enter the default password by pressing both the "F" and "1" keys simultaneously. The default password is the date shown on the device before you download the device code software.  Once the application has been downloaded into the device, the new password is 717777..

4. Enable port-forwarding on your internet router for port 10009.

5. Establish the communication type by performing the following steps:

Main Menu > (Down arrow) > Communication > (Down arrow) > (Down arrow) >  ECR Comm type > Ethernet > (Enter/Return button) > HTTP GET

Your device is now ready to connect to RentMy.

Connecting The Device To RentMy:

To add the Pax device, navigate to the Business Settings Menu:

Next, choose the Payment Methods link:

Then, click the Add Online Gateway button:

Select the Pax option

Enter the public IP address of your router (if you don’t know your IP address, simply search “What is my IP address?” using your search engine.

Next, visit the Business Settings > Locations menu

Select the location where the device resides and then click the “+” icon to add the terminal.

Click the Add Terminal button

Populate the information with HSN number 10009 and choose to make the status “Active”.

Capturing Payment With The Pax Device:

To capture in-person payment, complete the order using the Admin order process or the optional Point of Sale feature. Be sure to select the Terminal you just added to your account.

Upon completion of the order, select the Pax device as the payment method.

Once the Pax device illuminates, the customer can tender payment (via tap, dip or swipe).  Your RentMy screen will show a Processing status.  Once the amount is processed, you will see a response status (approved or declined).  If the payment is approved, the order status will update to “Paid” status.

Your connection to the Pax device is now complete.